HCCI organizes consultative workshop to make strategic plan for the next 5 years.

(Press Release) On 9th February 2019, Hunza Chamber of Commerce and Industry (HCCI) organized a consultative workshop with key stakeholders including government institutions, private sector, development organizations, financial institutions, SMEs and other individuals and networks of Hunza region.

The major purpose of the consultative workshop is to initiate the process to devise a road-map/strategic plan for HCCI. The session deliberated on the current situation, issues and challenges facing various business sectors in Hunza. The workshop focused on how to strengthen the existing businesses and identifying emerging sectors with a growth potential in the region. The participants also brainstormed on the possible collaboration and partnership opportunities for HCCI.

The four key sectors selected for deliberations by the workshop participants include:

  1. agriculture;
  2. tourism and hospitality;
  3. Boarder trade and CPEC;
  4. SMEs. Furthermore Power, Information technology and Financial Services (cross-cutting themes) in context of Hunza was also deliberated in length.