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President HCCI Tayyab Swati

President's Message


First and foremost, I want to express my gratitude to Allah, the Almighty, for this wonderful distinction. I also want to express my gratitude to you all for your trust. Both a great honour and a huge responsibility come with it. I appreciate the hard work that my predecessors did to advance the Chamber and their contribution to drawing attention to the issues facing the business community everywhere.

I have taken on this role with a strong commitment to helping the business community and putting out my best efforts to find solutions to the major problems that face trade and industry. I would like to ask the HCCI members to keep bringing us proposals and ideas for bettering our services. Your support and suggestions would help us raise the bar for our operations and provide the Chamber with a more solid foundation.

We will be able to fulfil our function successfully with your help and the blessings of Allah, the Almighty. Apolitical, independent, membership-based, volunteer-driven, and not-for-profit, the Haripur Chamber of Commerce and Industry has a clear mission to guide and support the business community in this land of potential.

As President, it is my first and foremost responsibility to serve the business community and the HCCI members in particular with missionary zeal, dedication, and commitment.

I will do everything in my power to make insightful and significant policy contributions through dynamic initiatives that would have a positive impact on Haripur’s social and economic landscape.

Businesses and organizations in our community, the District of Haripur, the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Pakistan as a whole are represented by the Chamber.

My Mission:
I will also try to act as a sponsor for the local business community and facilitate them by providing opportunities for them to promote their businesses locally and internationally in order to become the voice of the business community and to make a firm commitment to improving the quality of life and economic prosperity in Haripur.

My Goals are:
  1. To actively and rather proactively participate in the formulation of public policy because it has an impact on the country’s economic growth and development.
  2. To effectively convey the opinions of the business community at appropriate government levels and forums, particularly regarding issues pertaining to Haripur and this region.
  3. To encourage individual and collective accomplishments, business excellence, and private enterprise.
  4. To provide the resources deemed necessary to boost member involvement in the community through this chamber and to guarantee appropriate levels of member services.
  5. To strengthen the Organization by expanding its membership and resource pool Strategic Plans.
My commitment to continuously meet our members’ needs is enshrined in the Strategic Plan, which enshrines my commitment to providing excellent service and programs. The Chamber has a significant role and a significant responsibility because it is a member-based organization. While the Haripur Chamber of Commerce and Industry serves as an advocate, connector, communicator, facilitator, and thought leader for many businesses, organizations, and individuals, it also serves as a community advocate and leader for key stakeholders. Let’s Celebrate our past accomplishments and work together to tackle the challenges of the future. Thank You!
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Haripur Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Welcome to the official website of Haripur Chamber of Commerce & Industry (HCCI), which is the premier trade body representing the business community in Haripur district of KPK.

Meet Our Team

Office Bearers For the Year 2022-2023

tayyab swati president

Tayyab Swati

senior vice president HCCI Sajid Naseem

Sajid Naseem

Senior Vice President
vice president HCCI (Fida Muhammad)

Fida Muhammad Khan

Vice President
Dr. Muhammad Ishaq

Dr. Muhammad Ishaq

General Secretary
Grow Your Business

With Our Services

HCCI one window smart services are the bench mark of excellence, where the member can avail exclusive services in the following areas:
  1.  National Database & Registration Authority. (NADRA)
  2.  Police Assistance Line (PAL services once in a week)
  3.  Small and Medium Enterprises Development. (SEMEDA)
HCCI provides an opportunity to its members:
  1.  To meet Government officials, Federal and Provincial Ministers, Ambassadors, and Leading Businessmen both local and national.
  2. To get Certificates of Origin, WeBOC registrations and also an endorsement of all necessary commercial documents.
  3.  To get intensive business information and consultancy on various business issues through the R&D cell of HCCI also, get information on new rules & regulations, and procedures and provides in-depth trade & investment advice.
  4. To participate in standing Committees that actively monitor and pursue issues concerning trade and industry.
  5.  To get a regular arrangement of foreign Business delegations which provide opportunities to the delegates to meet their counterparts in the respective countries
  6. To be the one nominated for various Government advisory committees and statutory boards where National policies are formulated
Annual Report

First annual report of the HCCI will be released in December 2019.

Trade Dispute

The HCCI plays role of mediator and make efforts for amicable solution to resolve trade disputes. These may also include the complaint against foreign customers

Trade Delegation

The HCCI in collaboration with other trade organizations and authorities tries to send its trade delegations abroad to penetrate existing businesses and explore potential markets

Visa/Border Pass Letters

Haripur Chamber of Commerce & Industry issues Visa and Border Pass Recommendation Letters to its members. The Recommendation Letters are in favor of foreign Embassies/High

Attestation of Documents

Haripur Chamber of Commerce & Industry provides the facility of attestation of different commercial documents to its members. These documents include Certificate of Origin, Commercial

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Address: Chamber House, Opposite Session Judge Bungalow, GPO Road, Haripur. Postcode: 22620 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

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