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HCCI one window smart services are the bench mark of
excellence, where the member can avail exclusive services in
the following areas:

  1.  National Database & Registration
    Authority. (NADRA)
  2.  Police Assistance Line (PAL services once in a week)
  3.  Small and Medium Enterprises Development.
HCCI provides an opportunity to its members:
  1.  To meet Government officials, Federal and Provincial
    Ministers, Ambassadors, and Leading Businessmen
    both local and national.
  2. To get Certificates of Origin, WeBOC registrations and
    also an endorsement of all necessary commercial
  3.  To get intensive business information and consultancy
    on various business issues through the R&D cell of HCCI
    also, get information on new rules & regulations,
    procedures and provides in-depth trade & investment
  4. To participate in standing Committees that actively
    monitor and pursue issues concerning trade and
  5.  To get a regular arrangements of foreign Business
    delegations which provide opportunities to the
    delegates to meet their counterparts in the respective
  6. To be the one nominated for various Government
    advisory committees and statutory boards where
    National policies are formulated
Annual Report

First annual report of the HCCI will be released in December 2019.

Trade Dispute

The HCCI plays role of mediator and make efforts for amicable solution to resolve trade disputes. These may also include the complaint against foreign customers

Trade Delegation

The HCCI in collaboration with other trade organizations and authorities tries to send its trade delegations abroad to penetrate existing businesses and explore potential markets

Visa/Border Pass Letters

Haripur Chamber of Commerce & Industry issues Visa and Border Pass Recommendation Letters to its members. The Recommendation Letters are in favor of foreign Embassies/High

Attestation of Documents

Haripur Chamber of Commerce & Industry provides the facility of attestation of different commercial documents to its members. These documents include Certificate of Origin, Commercial